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Potassium lactate 60%


Potassium lactate 60% as E326, a potassium salt of a natural lactic acid obtained by fermentation of pure sucrose involving lactic acid bacteria. Then, lactic acid treated with potassium compounds can give its derivative, or potassium lactate. Potassium lactate is a colorless compound having good heat resistance and hygroscopic nature.

Potassium lactate reduces the water activity food products so that brakes the logarithmic phase of growth of microorganisms. It exerts positive effects on hydration and swelling of the protein, and prevents the oxidation process of fats. Potassium lactate is recommended to apply dietetic foods, eliminating sodium participation.


In the food industry, potassium lactate is used in the production of meat products, canned, pates, as a substance regulating the acidity of the production including jams and jellies, fruit and vegetables in cans. In addition, thanks to a neutral pH, potassium lactate is used in preparations for infants, as well as in cosmetics: to lipsticks, foundations, lotions intimate hygiene.

Basic product information

Assay 59,0 - 61,0 %
Colour max 50 APHA
pH 10% solution 5,5 - 7,5
Isomer L(+) min 95 %
Packing polydrum a 25 kg; ibc container a 1200 kg

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